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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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in northeast like thomas lewis, who wore a jacket even in today's heat. >> i'm trying to stay away from the mosquitoes. >> how do you do that? >> i don't allow too much where they hang out at. i only go out i have to. >> at a hardware store and northeast, they stalk a raid -- an array of devices to stop them. she gives out lots of advice. >> people should remember to go look for standing water and drain them. flowerpot's a lot of times -- you may not need to have the saucer under the flowerpot. take that saucer away so no water collects. >> i don't spend too much time worrying about it. we have about 10 bytes honest as it is. >> we are told the children and the elderly are the most susceptible to west nile. the symptoms could be flu-like or no symptoms at all.
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at the health department, they say if you or someone you know suspects they have the disease get medical attention immediately. >> just yesterday, the center for disease control and prevention released some staggering numbers -- 25% spike in west nile cases since last week. that 2000 new cases since wednesday. 87 people have died of the virus this year. texas is the worst hit, but the gulf coast states are on alert becauseath of hurricane isaac. >> southern parts of the area got especially pounded in the rain. are there any more storms to worry about tonight? we have an early look at your forecast. >> we have a few storms, but they're not in areas with heavy rain this morning. the flooding potential has gone way for the day. live super doppler seventh showing showers diminishing over
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frederick county. a few in south central pennsylvania. some heavy rain in the southern maryland. spotsylvania has 1.27 inches. speaking of ocean city, we have this photograph from this afternoon -- this is what the rain does there. it takes a long time to drain off. warm and humid it through the evening but big changes are coming. i will tell you the details and a few minutes. >> we will keep an eye on the weather online and on your phone. just check us out at and download the storm watch app. >> return to the final night of the democratic convention. after a night when president clinton wowed the crowd with a speech that went on for more than 45 minutes, it is now president obama's turn. he will reportedly be talking a
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lot about jobs, his and the people who need them most. we have live coverage now from charlotte, north carolina. >> let talk about virginia at a little bit. it is not by any stroke of luck virginia is getting as much presidential attention as it is. just look at the floor at the convention. only the home state of the president, vice president, colorado and other key states are between the virginia delegation and the podium. that is by design. why? look at the newest poll numbers that show the president up by a razor sent 0.6%. -- razor-thin 0.6%. there is nothing, and about the commonwealth floor at this convention. virginia has a prime spot on the floor and is on the tip of everyone's tongues. >> we value virginia. >> virginia is a very important state. >> 124 riled up delegates, past
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and present from both sides are all trying to sway the un move to could make the difference in the old dominion >> i wake up pinching myself saying a virginia is in play again. >> he will be on stage representing the interests of a wounded warriors. >> some people from northern virginia and others from around the country -- we feel much more comfortable with what president obama has done. >> if michelle obama did not move the needle or bill clinton came up short, the president will have to be the difference maker. >> i have said consistently, you have it within six swing states, but virginia and ohio are the key ones. >> va., and as this -- they want results. they want things that work, not just rhetoric and good speeches, they're going to see what
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happens to make their life better for me and my family. >> and other obama aide says it they believe they when virginia, they think they will win it all. the pressure is felt on both sides with the gop trying to react to that philosophy. met romney was there last week and ann romney will be in leesburg tomorrow. obama is opening up to more campaign offices. it's a big night and we will have to wait and see whether or not the president can deliver on all of those expectations. >> we look forward to your reporting this evening. >> that romney remains in vermont practicing for the upcoming debates with his sparring partner rob portman of ohio. meanwhile, romney left campaigning duties to his running mate, paul ryan who was in colorado this afternoon. we'll have analysis of president obama's address to the dnc at
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11:00. you can also find our coverage on >> this just in -- police announced the arrest of a man who wrote what i was accused of robbing and beating a woman. let's go live now to police headquarters for the latest. >> this woman was not only able to save her own alive, but she was able to help police track down the sky. here is how she did it. police say the woman hit the man. >> she saved her own life by biting the suspect and that freed her. >> that led investigators to his 56 year-old who was arrested. the incident dates back to february. >> he forced his way into the home and covered her mouth with his hand. >> he tried to pass as one of the victims of neighbors and
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when she opened the door, he pushed his way inside and be heard. >> he was a mildly assaulting her. not once but twice, she offered cash. he took off with 50 bucks. one of the neighbors said he would not go down without a fight. >> if it happens, i would have to act accordingly. >> it would be 24 hours before they would find the 84-year-old woman slumped on the floor. the woman is said to be doing fine except for some bruises. the suspect faces first-degree assault and burglary charges. >> thank you. the german man accused of killing his socialite wife did not appear in court. he was but admitted to a d.c. hospital following a hunger strike. lawyers have requested a hearing to contest a recent competency finding. he has claimed to be an iraqi
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general, of all things, is accused of murdering his 91- year-old wife inside their home last summer. >> we come to a developing story with concerns tonight after a church in the city is robert. police are looking into who went into st. stephen's in columbia heights. police to work in the neighborhood say crime is a goal -- crime is a growing problem there. >> the church was founded in 1925 and has a long history in this community. it was the first of fiscal church in washington to integrate. in a place that is open to all a gunman walked in. >> the church is well known for its open-door policy and it was invaded by a gun wielding maxed cropper on saturday afternoon. >> -- begun wielding masked robber on saturday afternoon. >> d.c. police say the suspect
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ran up and pointed a gun at a 26-old man. of report indicates the suspect put a gun to the back of his head and said do you have any money? as the victim hand over his money and iphone the rev. walked out the century and came face to face with the gunman. >> you want the church to be open but when something like this happens and you have to consider safety. >> police say the gunman walked out of the front door and got away. >> i don't know if whoever does this feel they can get help, but we are always open for help. >> she says they serve 200 people every day. she says the church has been victimized before. >> folks command and go into the office and steal things out of people's office. almost every staff member i have has had a car broken into,
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including myself. >> anytime anyone goes, people who are doing something for someone else, -- >> if you recognize the surveillance soda, you are asked to call police. >> the sports world is mourning the loss of a powerful figure in nfl history. the former raven's owner died of natural causes this morning. he was 87 years old. coming up in sports, tim brant sat out the current raven's owner. coming up, how he will be honored tonight. >> much more ahead at 5:00 including a big worry is at the university of maryland campus. see why some partying this semester is raising a red flag on campus. >> an elderly woman is put on the wrong plane and we will look
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for answers to just how that happened. >> we will show you how hurricane isaac dredged up some bad memories of another disaster on the gulf coast. >> some of the most vulnerable refugees arrive
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>> the military judge has told nadal hassan he must shave fully before attending trial. >> he is accused of killing people in a shooting spree and ford said. he says his beard is required by the muslim faith that the military says it is a violation of army regulation. the debate over his beard has actually delayed his murder trial. >> a jury has convicted it drew peterson of murdering his third wife. her death was initially ruled an accident, but he was charged after his fourth right -- fourth wife disappeared in 2007. he faces a 16 year prison term. >> the gulf coast is taking another hit from hurricane isaac. tar balls are washing up on the beaches which has prompted an emergency closer -- closure of
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waters forcing commercial fishermen to go elsewhere. tar balls were washed ashore last year and tests confirmed the oil came from the bp oil spill from 2010. the remnants of hurricane is it have moved on but a lot of people are still struggling to cut their lives together. >> some of the most of of world becomes arrived in search of new loving homes. >> a tractor trailer filled with dogs is making its way up the eastern seaboard, stopping at shelters and dropping off guys like these two puppies. they are here in d.c., looking for new homes. the long journey almost over. nine dogs rescued from mississippi arrived at the washington rescue league today. that track is loaded with dogs,
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some of them surrendered during hurricane is it. others take it out to make room for dogs abandoned during the storm. those who care for the dog during the evacuation say they are holding up well but need lots of love. >> we try to spend as much time as we can giving them attention because they just want that connection. >> the trip is a big job for the people accompanying the dead animals. three humans and 26 dogs. >> we have three of us walking feeding the cages -- it is quite an ordeal. >> but it is rewarding work for those who volunteer or make risky and of their career. >> i saw him and fell in love with him. >> the driver of the rescue rig spotted 81 i can and when he finished his mission, he will take home price in a noble endeavor and a new addition to his family.
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>> it feels good helping out animals that need help. >> of the nine dogs dropped off for our puppies like this one. they will be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks. the puppies are easy to find homes for, but it is these older guys acquire -- a quest to find an home can be a little more difficult and take more time. >> they are speaking to me. how can you say no to those faces? >> they seem like they handled the travel better than you and i would. >> very laid-back. >> and have to deal with a humidity. >> temperatures tomorrow will be geared 90 so it will be hot and humid. the weather will be changing with storms coming and a delightful weather pattern for early next week. looking live from the vantage point, somebody is -- a sunny
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skies and temperatures in the low to mid '80s. it is muggy. any exertion outside, you will feel the combination of heat and humidity. a gentle breeze, not a cooling breeze. only 0.1 inches of rain. most of the rain was in mature area south, especially the heavy rain. ground clutter right now. this is not any rain. just when this sell east of the cumberland that that is about it. that will be the trend it through the night. 79 in gaithersburg. 82 in the nation's capital. comfortable temperature wise across the northeast and mid- atlantic states. more humidity to the south. to the west, it starts to warm up with full days of sunshine. these are the two points
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measuring moisture in the air. any tiny have two points above 70 and temperatures above 80, it is uncomfortable. to the northwest things start to change. that is of the measure vowed friday the areas and that will be coming to our region by sunday. big changes around the corner. flooding in the fredericksburg area and western stafford with a severe thunderstorm warning. looking for a pretty summary day to mark your 90 degrees. and it will be saturday or sunday when the weather pattern starts to change at the next cold front will be on the way. that is likely to deliver showers and storms. a lot of sunshine as we get into the afternoon hours. we will pay attention when happening throughout the great lakes. that is going to swing south saturday with showers and
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thunderstorms likely to head of that front. that a big change to cooler and drier weather. 65 to 72 with a gentle, southerly wind. isolated thunderstorms in that afternoon. partly sunny and warm, mid to upper 80s with a likelihood of afternoon showers and storms that could be heavy and clearing and cooler. look at that stretch of days. >> that looks great. >> upper 70's for highs and the sunshine. we will take it. >> a quick reminder about our latest facebook contest. >> we're giving away a brand new ipad once again. you have until friday afternoon to sign up on facebook. we will announce the winner on september 10. a lot of people have been talking about the dress michelle obama wore at her speech at the
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democratic convention. >> we have word on how you can get a dress just like a for a pretty reasonable price. >> a bachelorette party on the big screen. we have a preview of a big movie for the upcoming weekend. >> a big scare at a major airport today. i will tell anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for questioion seven is a vote toto bld a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in marynd. not west virginia.
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this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools people making stuff.
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companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ ♪ >> it's being called a dirty and dangerous trek -- halfway in a flight across the country -- a plane headed to dallas was forced to turn around and head back to philadelphia after a threat was called in about a passenger on the plane. >> but it turns out the call was a hoax. how happened is even more bizarre. let's go to the satellite center for more on what went down. >> this was not funny at all. our philadelphia phillies
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reports a woman was playing a trick on her ex-boyfriend and now she along with her new boyfriend are under arrest. >> 7:30 this morning, police at philadelphia airport got a call think a man -- they gave his name -- was boarding a flight to texas armed with liquid explosives. the fbi and tsa reported he was aboard the flight, but the flight had already taken off. so it was ordered to turn around and come back to philly. the airbus taxied to a remote section of the airport were heavily armed lot of enforcement vehicles and personal surrounded it. >> we removed the mail in question. we checked him and his carry-on luggage and determined he was not in the possession of anything dangerous hazardous or illegal. >> the plane was also searched. nothing was found and the all clear was given.
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some of the passengers booked other flights and missed their connections. given the hassle and resources connected, authorities said it's no laughing matter. >> look at the resources that were expanded and delays to the passengers, the expense to the agency involved in the airport authorities. >> all indications are this is a hoax and a pretty nasty trick was played out a passenger and it resulted in a threat to all the passengers. >> of the innocent passenger had guns drawn on him and was handcuffed. he was released, but his ex girlfriend and her new beau authorities say, are facing serious federal charges and potential prison time. >> unbelievable. >> can you imagining how unhappy those passengers were? >> still ahead if the school bus issue were not enough, parents are speaking up about another major issue for some
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students on the first day of school -- a driver who got lost. >> drivers beware -- we will tell you when the sea will crack down on people to go through stop signs. >> at the university of maryland, the new school year as
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>> we continue now with what hit -- with what appears to be a growing drinking problem at the university of maryland. >> so far, this semester, nearly two dozen hospital for all poisoning. let's go live to college park for more on this issue on the campus. >> the police say every year when the kids come back, they expect there are going to be
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some of all problems, especially in the first week. but this year, the numbers went way up. these are not just kids who have had a little too much to drink they are kids in medical distress. 28 times during the first week of school, an ambulance transport of the university of maryland students for over intoxication or of poisoning. nearly twice the number during the same time last year. stevens we spoke to say it's something we have seen all the time. >> it that's like regular. walk around on a friday night people are stumbling around. >> it's probably a lot of freshmen. it is their first week at their college, they're not with their parents. >> campus police say that right of passage need to stop. some students will be disciplined but most will be referred for counseling. he says they need to know how dangerous it can be. >> young people believe they are
5:32 pm
invincible. unfortunately, they drink to excess. we had a case where a woman was a 0.30, which is knocking at death's door. >> i think they do the best they can to prevent it but what can they do with a population like this? >> someone needs to do something because someone could die and that's not an ending of all. >> the police chief says he has no explanation why there has been a spike this year, but the good news is while they do expect there to be an uptick at the beginning of the year, as the classes and homework starts to set in, they expect a decline. that is already happening. >> another prince george's county business is shut down in an ongoing crackdown on nightclubs and a banquet halls. officers padlocked the doors to the rendezvous banquet hall which was deemed a danger.
5:33 pm
fines totalled $20,000. this is the 13th business locked up in the county this year. >> the secret service will not pursue charges against a d.c. police officer accused of making threatening remarks to the first lady. back in july another officer heard a comment made by the first officer and reported it to his superior. the d.c. police chief spoke about the decision. >> we work to prepare and submit work from preliminary investigations. we sent up for a review and a decline to prosecute. now it is an administrative investigation. >> the chief revealed the officer is working but on non contact status. >> the west nile virus has now claimed the life of a d.c. resident the first such death in the district from the virus.
5:34 pm
it comes amidst fears the virus could spread even faster now after hurricane isaac. cases have jumped 25% in the past week nationwide. >> concerns are growing after an armed robbery outside of the d.c. tercet happen this afternoon. investigators say the masked robber pointed a gun and a young man and a church leader before getting away. >> the final night of the democratic national convention this tonight. we are hours away from saying president obama taking center stage where he will officially accept his party's nomination for reelection. his speech had to be moved indoors because of the threat of severe weather in charlotte. >> if you are frustrated by plans to double the polls on the dulles toll way, you can voice your opinion. a public hearing is under way that goes until 8:00 tonight. they want to gradually increase the toll from $2.25 to $4.50 by
5:35 pm
2015. that is part of the plan to fund the metro's service line to the airport. >> and drivers in the district will soon see more stop sign cameras. this is another topic the chief spoke about today. the installation of nearly eight dozen stop sign carries around schools and busy intersections will start toward the end of the year. the public will be notified and have a 30-day warning time frame before fines are issued. >> let's check out the reds for this evening. the commute on thursday night -- >> it is an absolute must for your thursday afternoon. a lot of get away day traffic. the two left lanes blocked their -- a collision with an 18 wheeler and another crash takes up to left lanes. not an easy trip at all. the ball like -- the delays along the interleave heading all
5:36 pm
the way out to new hampshire and the elderly is jammed from 95. relatively tough they're getting out of the area. a tough commute this thursday afternoon. that is the latest traffic check. >> thank you. coming up, if you have ever wanted to dress like the first lady, you will soon be able to do it can't afford not lot of money. we will tell you how. >> girls behaving badly on the big screen this weekend. plus, read the cooper gets literary.
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we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy.
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at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪ ♪ >> we are happy to say the weekend is almost here, and always -- as always, we have some new movies. >> one of them will have a winner ever the good bad, and otherwise about usherette parties. arch campbell is here for a look
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what's in theaters this weekend. >> we may have something interesting and new going on with the new movie "bachelorette." it takes "bridesmaids" a step or two further and shapes the way they can get something new to the audience. >> they don't ask me to marry him. >> girls behave badly in " bachelorette" led by the maid of honor. she and her mean girl friends pick on the rubble and now she is a first to get married and they're not. >> tell me she can still wear that. >> things go bad things to various r-rated abuses and a ripped wedding dress. two stars as they run your take on "bridesmaids'" with fewer laughs.
5:41 pm
but it arrived on a itunes and on demand at three weeks ago. it might signal a new way to introduce a movie. >> i've not who i thought i was. >> the words tell the story inside story inside a story as bradley cooper plays a struggling writer who finds an old manuscript and publishes it as his own and then the real writer finds out. it's a great idea with a lousy ending. couple and a half stars. here are your weekend best bets. i will be interesting to see if more movies try opening on itunes or on demand and then going to movie theaters. i think that's very interesting. otherwise, "bachelorette" is a rip-off. >> a good deal. have a nice weekend. at least there were no vampires. [laughter]
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up next, 87 on your side of worrying about laundry detergent. why there are new worries about those little gel packs. >> all of the sudden i started chasing. >> a local woman is allowed and to the wrong plane. we are taking ac
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>> imagine getting onto a plane in not realizing until too late you are on the wrong flight. that happened to a woman who was to be flying from seattle to d.c. but she instead landed in the wrong city. >> she blames the airline for this mistake and she reached out to us for help. >> i couldn't believe it was happening. >> her trip across the country unexpectedly took just as long as a trip to the other side of the world. >> after coming home from vacation, i felt like i needed another vacation from my ordeal. >> she made a mad dash. >> i had to run from one and of the airport to the other end of
5:46 pm
the airport. >> she handed her ticket to a united gate agent who wait for on without scanning her ticket. >> i gave it to our like this and days -- they look at it and said go. >> but when she got to her seat it was taken. >> i even to get to be attended and asked if i was on the right plane and he said i was on the right plane. >> but when she was about to land, she looked out the window and experienced a moment she will never forget. >> i don't see anything and all the sudden i started shaking and i said there's something wrong. that's when the pilot said welcome to syracuse. basically i went bonkers. >> that at the flight attendants attention. >> they said as soon as we planned, we will get security and get you off. >> but there were no more connecting flights to d.c. that night and surrounding hotels were booked. >> they gave me a $10 voucher
5:47 pm
but none of the vendors for open. i slept in the airport all by myself with cleaning people. >> we contacted united and she is given a $250 voucher. the airline says they have reached out to her to apologize for the confusion. they climbed the pilot made several destination announcements, something she denies hearing. >> why should it happen at all? >> they focused on what's happening when people go through to get on the plane. that is security to. >> the lufthansa airlines strike is making travel to and from germany more of a challenge. the airline has canceled 1200 flights for tomorrow, two-thirds of their schedule. that includes 03 daily flights from dulles to frankfurt and munich. >> a new warning to parents tonight to keep could be get laundry packets of the reach of
5:48 pm
children. the colorful packets look like candy to a child. the u.s. poison hot line has received 2900 calls justice your children under 5 eating the packets. the results to be serious chemical burns to the child's mouth and throat. >> you saw her a couple of nights ago -- women who want to dress like michelle obama will get their chance. the dress was designed by tracy yeats. she says the address is now being rushed through production. the dress will cost under $500. the first lady's shoes are being sold by the j. crew online. >> everyone was talking about her great manicure. i know you wouldn't notice that. >> i did notice that. >> a liar. [laughter] here is a look at how the abc
5:49 pm
prime-time is shaping up. we begin with a brand new episode of "wipeout." at 10:00 president obama will accept the presidential nomination during night. the democratic national convention. we will wrap up at 11:00. hope to see you then. >> let's see what's coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom, back from charlotte. good to see you. >> thank you very much. tonight at 6:00, the democratic national convention had some very powerful speakers. michelle obama, but they are all waiting for president obama tonight. we'll also hear from joe biden. the virginia governor had some reaction to a former president bill clinton had to say last night. we will see you at 6:00 with more. >> nice going down there in charlotte. >> definitely. let's get another check on the
5:50 pm
weather situation. >> partly sunny across most of the area. a few lingering showers but the process is underway with clearing skies tonight. let's get you into it. the heavy rain from this morning south of washington as well south now mostly over north carolina stretching out into the atlantic. the skies will clear through the evening. rainfall totals mainly for this evening. the ocean city rain gauge not functioning. they have at least 2.5 inches of rain there. 82 in washington. 80 degrees in fredericksburg. as we get through the late night, partly cloudy and patchy fog. partly cloudy and warm up through the day. if you are going to the beach, a
5:51 pm
heads up -- look for showers on saturday, otherwise a pretty good looking weekend. precipitation chances jump on saturday ahead of the cold front in the afternoon. saturday morning should be partly sunny and fine. then it cool and dry air arrives, the light pole september weather. a warm up by the end of next week. >> thank you. we have more on the passing of an nfl legend. >> when we were in cleveland, he always took us out. one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. the man who helped mold the foundation of the lead was 87. i talk to the man who followed him as the owner of the ravens. he said knowing him was a blessing. >> they brought with them a nice resume. it made it that much easier by the time i took over. i was real comfortable they had
5:52 pm
put together a great organization and helped me out with my naivete. i can remember doing those games on cbs way back in the day in cleveland, but -- >> away you kept him in and kept him in all, kudos to you but it looks like the transition was real and affectionate and business-solid. >> it was nice to fall in love with him over those four years. he is the kindest man you will ever meet. getting to know him and him being comfortable -- if he had to sell the team he was happy to sell it to me. that was my one goal. he had been involved for 40 when i got involved. we won the super bowl the first year and we got a few more cracks at it. i'm proud he is proud of me.
5:53 pm
>> i will have more coming up about his impact on the nfl at 6:00. that 2012 season kicked off last night with the cowboys and the giants. tony roma's seem like a new guide. touchdown cowboys -- finding miles austin with the game- winner. the cowboys beat the giants in the season opener. there you have it. >> good deal. coming up, -- >> school bus problems. why one school bus
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anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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>> tonight parents in the arlington school district are questioning the busing system. >> there are already upset with the voucher system and now there is word a bus driver got lost on
5:57 pm
his route on the first day of school. >> the bus stop is here on this street, about seven minutes from here to the elementary school in arlington. but somehow these kids were on the bus for one or because of a wrong turn. >> he had a good day at school, the first day that turned out to be memorable. >> there wasn't anyone in the cafeteria, went down to the classroom and all of the kids were lined up at their lockers and might kid was not there. >> she went to meet her first grader when she got off the bus to call learners on the first day, but the bus wasn't there. a transportation officials said the driver was lost. >> it's about 9:25, where are they? >> the bus and took about an hour to get to school. the kids arrived about 930. when they got off the bus -- it
5:58 pm
was 90 degrees. super humid. all of the windows were closed. there was no air conditioning on the bus. >> the school district refused to give her the information. >> they were very vague on information about where they were. nobody was giving us a straight answer about where the bus was. where are they? we reached out to arlington county public schools. we were told or going to get a statement via e-mail was so far we haven't received it. parents say there was a different school bus driver today. >> thank you. that is it now for us at 5:00. here's what's coming up tonight at 6:00. we are live at the democratic national convention in anticipation of president barack obama's speech. also, with -- what some of the
5:59 pm
most powerful people in the sports world are saying about the passing of art modell. abc seven news at 6:00 starts right now. >> >> live and in h.d. -- this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> a big night for president barack obama, one that could have a big effect on his reelection bid. >> we hope -- he hopes if he does well, then you may have changed, but the focus will be on the president's message. let's go live now to charlotte. pressure on the president. the race is very close. >> there is a lot of pressure. you talk to senior aides in the camp and they will say there are some the key swing states just within a percentage point, that there is not a lot of room for error. that's why there is a different
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